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Hand Sanitizer Stirrer Machine Project

Hand Sanitizer Stirrer Machine Project


For mass production of any liquid-based product, a stirrer machine is essential. While going for mass production of hand sanitizers, MIST realized that a stirrer machine is needed to ensure uniform composition of final products. This prompted the development of the stirrer machine.


The objective of this project was to design small size Sanitizer Stirrer Machine. The following specific aims were to be fulfilled:

  1. To design a chamber rechargeable battery-powered Stirrer Machine.
  2. To make vortex with predefined rpm of rotation.
  3. To design a control system for automatic operation with necessary acknowledgments.

Project Description:

The Sanitizer Stirrer Machine project aims to develop a liquid stirring machine for mixing alcohol, aloe vera gel, color & fragrances affordably. The machine can mix various chemicals, colors, fragrances, etc., evenly, which adds an extra opportunity to produce more sanitizer daily.