Vision and Mission


Architecture, the science and art of designing and realizing buildings, is an academic field with its own identity. An important objective of architectural education is to construct theories related to the foundations of the domain of architecture. The way form, construction and function are related is given new meaning, particularly now society has a growing interest in the practical value, the future value and the cultural value of buildings. The Department of Architecture at MIST aims to be the leadingĀ  Architectural school in Bangladesh in the provision of quality education and the development of responsible, educated and creative architecture and design professionals who are able to create a better built environment through unique and effective architectural and artistic ideas, designs and solutions.


The mission of the Department of Architecture of MIST is to disseminate and improve the knowledge of architecture, art and design. Its main aim is to provide a balanced and integrated curriculum which enables the graduates to combine the theoretical and practical skills in finding unique and realistic solutions to challenging architecture and design problems facing their society. It also aims to insure that its graduates are equipped with intellectual capabilities and professional skills to create a better world through unique and effective ideas and solutions. And to have a direct interaction and relationship with the profession through consultations, research, and training to enable the Department and the job market to benefit through the enhancement of the architecture and design profession in Bangladesh.

Last updated on Tuesday, August 11, 2015