Vision and Mission


The Department of Architecture of MIST aims to create a center of academic excellence in the field of built environment and urban settlement that will fulfil the industry requirement and conduct quality research through educating and developing future professionals in the field of architecture. The graduates will possess high level of knowledge profile, technical competence, design skill and complex-problem solving ability in an innovative way that is context specific and logical. The graduates will also have core values of critical thinking, intellectual curiosity and moral value and will engage in responsible architecture and integrity towards the profession, society and life.


  • To nurture design-minded and globally competent students to engage in architecture in its civic, social, and professional realms for the benefit of built and natural environment.
  • To promote a learning environment for involving the students in intellectual inquisitiveness, exploring knowledge dimensions, developing high technical competence and design skill for future application in industry, profession and life.
  • To provide hands-on, process-based learning through problem solving and critical thinking.
  • To foster strategic alliances with academia, industry and government for research and its application.
  • To inculcate the ethical, social and moral values which is the basis of human social order.
  • To create awareness among students regarding responsibilities of built environment on communities and settlements by advocating the responsible architecture in the realm of social, political, environmental and economic issues in creating a sustainable future locally, nationally and globally.


Grounded in a multidisciplinary structure, the Department of Architecture of MIST offers 5 years Bachelor of Architecture program to raise committed individuals who will be able to:

  • Play leadership roles in shaping the built environment in global context.
  • Explore a range of design investigations, expand knowledge, and confront the challenges of the contemporary built environment.
  • Apply intellectual inquiry as the basis to forge individual design path.
  • Develop and materialize ideas from a broad spectrum of knowledge for imaginative and skillful manipulation of form.
  • Add values in the field as new ways of thinking emerge in the profession of architecture and the field grows increasingly complex.
  • Adopt the new requirements and techniques of inquiry and design in the professional field.

We aim to insure that our graduates are equipped with intellectual capabilities and professional skills to create a better world through unique and effective ideas and solutions. And to have a direct interaction and relationship with the profession through consultations, research, and training to enable the Department and the job market to benefit through the enhancement of the architecture and design profession in Bangladesh.

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